Q&A with DeMarre 3/27

Q&A with DeMarre 3/27

March 26th, 2013 | by demarreadmin | Uncategorized

Fans, looking forward to answering any questions you guys have today! Post them here and I will answer as many as possible this afternoon. Look forward to connecting with you all again. #JazzNation #staypositive #blessed

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20 responses to “Q&A with DeMarre 3/27”

  1. afromangh says:

    who’s the best NBA player ?

    • DeMarre Carroll says:

      Demarre Carroll other than me its LOL 1. Lebron James 2. Kobe Bryant 3. KD 4. D-Wade 5. Carmelo Anthony

  2. Ross says:

    What is your first memory of playing and watching basketball?

    • DeMarre Carroll says:

      My first memory was when my father put the basketball in my hand and took me to the court and told me that this is what I’m going to do with my life. My first memory of watching the game is When I use to watch Michael Jordan with my dad and brothers when I was younger. Also watched my pops play against my uncles.

  3. @pusateri_ says:

    Which restaurant was your favorite when you lived in Columbia and played for #Mizzou? (Besides El Rancho!!)

  4. Juan says:

    Which NBA player do you look up to?

    • DeMarre Carroll says:

      Tony Allen that’s my big bother he thought me a lot when I was In Memphis and I’m still learning from him today.

  5. Omar vaca says:

    When you play with the utah jazz you get really involved and include the people the fans. As a athelete many people like myself look up to you. Do you have a fundraiser or a charity behind your name that helps to give scholarships or help to those in need ? Like the push and stamina you give to the fans. If not have you ever thought of doing one ?

    • DeMarre Carroll says:

      Good question. I have been planning on starting a foundation since I got in the league. This summer I’m really going to try and start something similar to a mini boys and girls club. I want to try and help every kid to reach their potential that God has given them.

  6. @truejazzfan says:

    Who is the hardest player in the NBA that you have to guard?

    • DeMarre Carroll says:

      It’s between D-Wade and Kevin Durant. D-wade is really unstoppable 1 on 1. He is very hard to guard off dribble. KD is a tough match up because he runs off so many screens, he is long and he is a great shooter. But both have complete games and they can beat u either way.

  7. Diana says:

    What is your favorite thing about being on the Jazz?

    • DeMarre Carroll says:

      The fans are awesome!!! Jazz nation is the best in the World! I really appreciate them a lot. If I could I would like to shake each one of there hands and tell them how much their support really means to me. Thanks Jazz Nation Stay Blessed!!!

  8. MarcusSellers02 says:

    How do you stay so positive even in rough times on and off the court?

    • DeMarre Carroll says:

      Easy I’m blessed I have overcame a lot in my life. There are so many people that’s out there in the world that’s in far worse situations than me. I just thank God that he put me in a situation, so that I can take care of my family and help other people. Also by my father being a pastor, it helps me stay grounded and positive.

  9. Randy Snow says:

    Being a bama boy, and John Carroll Alum! I was wondering, i get the Mizzou stuff since you went there…but here is the real question…Roll Tide or War Eagle?
    Roll Tide!

  10. Tiffanee says:

    If you didn’t play basketball for a living what career would you choose? Professional bowler? 🙂

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